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When you are ready to grow your business, a powerful website provides a home base for every digital marketing campaign we work on. Mighty works with mid-market businesses on their web strategy and helps them to attract and nurture the audiences they most want to reach by assisting them with SEO consulting services, PPC, content marketing/blogging and email marketing.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Sometimes you need new leads fast. Faster than SEO can deliver traffic. And often you need both PPC and SEO consulting services. Results matter and every dollar counts. That’s why we test everything: audiences, headlines, and messaging — to see what gets the most click. Once we know what works, we ramp up your ad spend so that we can drive the right kind of traffic to your web properties. The goal is to fill your inbox and make your phone ring.

High-Converting Landing Pages

If you are a small business owner who plans to write your own web content, beware: If you miss the mark on the messaging or images on your website, you can miss the sale. We craft persuasive, client-focused web content for every landing page in your marketing campaigns. Our goal is to clearly explain what you offer, to whom, and how your services differ from those of your competitors. We help you to ensure that your offering is clear and compelling.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has become a powerful ad platform because of its ability to reach over 2 billion viewers as they sit and scroll. We can help you decide whether your business should be on Facebook, and if so,  to devise a strategy, design and test ads, and provide ongoing ad management.

Website Enhancements

Sometimes your site isn’t ready for a complete redesign, but it needs a better strategy. We work with you to create a conversion strategy and valuable content, so that when we drive traffic to your site, the odds of your prospect engaging with the content increases exponentially. We can also rewrite your home page content, enhance your design, refresh your logo, or advise you of changes you can make to ensure your website performs better. The problem is that competition has increased — and 80% of all website fail to bring in new clients. To be competitive in today’s environment — you need more than a sleek design. You need a way to find the right prospects and convert them into paying clients.

Brand Strategy

Effective websites tell a story — and we work together to tell your brand story in a way that inspires and persuades your ideal clients. Our goal is to give you an unfair advantage over your competitors by conveying what your business stands for and why they should choose you. Here is what we will uncover in our collaborative work together:

  • Understanding what makes you unique — your differentiator or area of specialization, your niche
  • Identifying your perfect prospect — writing this profile, or avatar
  • Uncovering your core values — weaving these into your marketing messages
  • Articulating your mission — defining the “why” of what you do
  • Brainstorming ideas for engaging taglines using research from SEO consulting services

With these key branding building blocks in place, marketing becomes exponentially easier and more effective. Great marketing campaigns allow your perfect prospect to know, like and trust you, and a solid brand position is the foundation of a rapidly growing service-based business. These are highly collaborative strategy sessions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your site isn’t working hard for you until people are finding you online. Before any content is written, we collaborate with you to determine which keyword phrases will work best to optimize your web pages for searches in Google and Bing. Armed with keyword research, we recommend how you can create additional content to take advantage of the best keywords. Then we optimize the pages on your site to these keywords. Ongoing monthly SEO is recommended to see measurable results.