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SEO Case Study

The problem:

No measurable improvement in top-line revenue from her 2-year investment in SEO: No clear understanding of how her ad budget was being invested.

Maureen owns a medical spa in Old Town, Alexandria. She provides many different spa services and products, and trains professionals in her industry. She had been using an SEO agency to run her PPC for over two years. She was not seeing any measurable top-line growth, despite spending tens of thousands of dollars on SEO. 

The process:

Deep research to get a clear understanding of what keywords provided the most value for finding prospects using Google Adwords.

Mighty immediately reduced Maureen’s ad spend and researched to get a clearer picture of what campaigns were working, and which were not. We then created 10 new ads to test in Google AdWords. The result was rapid and effective: in the first two weeks, Maureen enjoyed an ad spend that was reduced by 50%, AND her cost per lead decreased by almost 10%. By quickly and cyclically testing ad campaigns, Mighty made data-driven decisions about where to add more ad spend — and we increased the budget for high-performing PPC campaigns.

In the following two weeks, Mighty continued to optimize the campaigns to lower Maureen’s cost per lead, while maximizing her ad budget. By removing low-performing (and therefore more expensive) ads from the account, Mighty was able to further decrease her cost per lead. Maureen’s cost per lead is now just above $7, slightly below our original target!

The result:

Mighty lowered the cost per lead by 30% in one month

Maureen’s cost per lead started at a little over $10/phone call. This is high; the average cost per lead for medical is about $9, and for a typical salon — closer to $6. Maureen provides medical-grade salon services, so the cost per lead should ideally fall between $6-$9.

Clear understanding of where the ad budget should be spent

After a deep dive into Google Analytics, it was clear that Maureen’s previous SEO agency was spending more than necessary on a very expensive keyword. In addition to being an expensive keyword, it was not a location-based query. Maureen’s business is hyper-local; with an abundance of spa options in the metro DC area, it was important that she focus on getting local clients. Mighty reported regularly, and together we developed a much more effective ad strategy based on the metrics we monitored.

Improving web conversions

While many businesses prefer to take a phone call over getting a web lead—because it indicates much stronger purchase intent. In most cases—web contact forms still drive an increasingly high amount of closed deals for businesses like Maureen. 

Key insights into prospect behavior

Having a strong lead flow is great for business, and it’s also great for getting to know your customer better. Maureen is now able to see that her best-converting web leads come during the evening, and her best-converting phone leads come on Sunday afternoon. Armed with this granular kind of knowledge, she is equipped to maximize her resources, making the most of her budget, team, and marketing efforts.