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Heather Miller Cox

Heather Cox is the founder and CEO of the Mighty Web Agency, the Mighty Little Web Shop, and MillerCox Design, all located in Silver Spring, MD. She combines her skills in marketing strategy, graphic design and web technology to build effective marketing campaigns both online and offline. For 20 years she has been cultivating a team of brand designers, web developers, copywriters and SEO/PPC experts who deliver powerful sales pages, bespoke websites and marketing automation to a select group of clients, both for profit and nonprofit.

What makes Heather different is that she brings her business-focused values and entrepreneurial spirit to every engagement, along with her uncommon commitment to results. Heather is a sought after speaker and technical trainer. She is well-connected and active in the DC small business community. Her focus and goal is that the services she and her team deliver produce a positive ROI every time.

Prior to starting her own firm in 1997, Heather worked for graphic design studios, federal contractors, and a health-focused trade association as a graphic designer. When she isn’t working, you will find Heather reading, traveling with her family, or enjoying a musical production.

3 Questions with Heather Miller Cox

Why do you like marketing?

Sometimes marketing gets a bad rap. But when marketing is delivered with authenticity and integrity, it connects goods and services to the people who want them the most. Yet many small businesses struggle with obscurity. They know that when they get their services in front of the right people, they happily buy. But business owners aren’t sure how to do this in the most efficient way. Creating a plan to get in front of the right people at the right time — and spending the least amount of effort and dollars — is where the fun is. I have 20 years of experience so the best path forward in marketing comes naturally and easily to me — and this is what I like the most about marketing.

Is there anything about marketing you don’t like?

I often wish that results would happen faster. Small businesses don’t have the same deep pockets as Fortune 500 companies, so we need to spend wisely and have patience as each campaign gains traction. Watching the metrics and adjusting course ensures that each marketing campaign is moving in the right direction, but without a million dollar marketing budget, results aren’t instantaneous. This is the trickiest part of the services I deliver — remaining patient.

What’s your favorite marketing strategy?

Everything flows from a strong brand strategy. With a clearly defined unique selling proposition (USP),  mission, audience, and persuasive messaging, campaigns tend to do very well. I believe in starting with a basic brand stack, and not relying on the latest marketing tactic.