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Are you wondering if you should be advertising online using Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads can be very effective when used correctly. They grow your following and heighten brand visibility. But Facebook isn’t always the best place to spend your marketing budgets. Why?

Facebook is a fun place to watch cat videos, look at cute baby photos, and watch videos of flash mobs. But that’s just it: it’s a fun place to pass the time. Most people aren’t spending their time on Facebook with any expectation or intention. They are mindlessly scrolling through media to pass the time on a bus, or to decompress, or to zone out of a meeting–not exactly the most engaged kind of prospect.

Google AdWords is very different, as it puts you in front of prospects who have intentionality. They have asked questions (a query into the Google search engine), and have an expectation of what they’ll see based on what keywords they used. That makes them a much more “warm” prospect, with real purchase intent and interest in your event space.

So, should you forget about Facebook? Not quite yet. Facebook does have some major advantages for brands that Google can’t offer. Things like:

  • Great showcase for imagery. You’re pretty limited when it comes to Google Ads in terms of photos and ad formats. Facebook offers major bonus features like carousels and even slideshows with music. That’s usually enough to stop someone mid-scroll to tune in for a bit.
  • Two-way engagement with your prospects. Facebook offers an ability to have a real dialogue with people who click on your company page. Facebook Messenger is an instantaneous way for you to answer questions, or even nip concerns or criticisms in the bud before customers post anything negative.
  • Remarketing visibility: While remarketing (or retargeting) is a different kind of marketing, Facebook has a remarketing value to it since people usually see your ad multiple times as they scroll throughout the day or week. If you’re selling a product or service that isn’t usually an immediate purchase–for example an event venue–Facebook can be a great place to stay top-of-mind.

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