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About Us

An uncommon commitment to results.

At Mighty, we focus on the top of your funnel. Our goal is to drive more traffic to your website or landing page and make your phone ring. Similar to traditional ads and billboards, we put your business in front of more people. And now with digital advertising — we are able to track and measure results and optimize campaigns so you get the highest possible ROI for your marketing dollar.

Our philosophy is results-first. Why? Because when we help B2C businesses to grow, everyone around us prospers. We believe that 3-10 million dollar businesses are the economic engine of our country. Local businesses provide job opportunities for our neighbors and keep our communities strong and vibrant.  Our clients have payroll to meet and capacity to spare, and they understand the value that smarter online marketing can bring to their business and their team.

Our mission

The Mighty Web Agency provides lead generation services that deliver measurable results for B2C businesses that are trying to grow sales.

What makes us unique

We use whatever tactics will work for each client. We don’t push our favorites. We can use SEO, PPC, Social, PR, Facebook and owned, paid and earned media to put your brand in front of relevant audiences.

We do more than provide expert services, we have an uncommon commitment to results. We are not a software. We are real people who track, measure and report results in scheduled meetings every month. We are locally based in Silver Spring MD.

We report in a way that our clients understand and appreciate, and the information we share helps us to move forward towards highly-optimized and successful campaigns that bring our clients more business. And our reports are written to deliver actionable business insights, to help you meet your goals.

Our core values


At Mighty, we have an uncommon commitment to results, and we all know what we are aiming for. We measure results and report regularly with every project to see what is working and which campaigns need to be optimized to ensure success.

Clear communication

Through regular, clear reporting, our clients gain valuable business insights. We avoid jargon, and find ways to communicate the technical nature of our work to each other and our clients. We communicate respectfully and honestly, internally and externally.

Always learning

We know how fast digital marketing strategies and tactics changes, so we read the blogs of other digital marketers and attend national conferences to stay current with best practices in SEO and PPC.

Do the right thing

When facing challenges, we take responsibility and are accountable. We choose the path that leads to the greatest common good for our clients and our team.

History and leadership

The Mighty Web Agency was launched when the world wide web became infinitely more competitive. It was created to help businesses drive more traffic to their websites. It is a brand extension of two other marketing firms: the Mighty Little Web Shop, with a focus on delivering high-performing websites to medium-sized businesses, and MillerCox Design, a full-service branding and graphic design firm with DC-based clients that include BrookingsGeorgetown University, and the Japan-US Friendship Commission.

Heather Cox
Heather Cox is the founder and CEO of the Mighty Web Agency. Heather is an accomplished digital marketer, brand strategist, graphic designer, marketer and web coder. READ MORE »